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After years of hard work, providing an excellent handyman service to our clients we have grown into one of Dubai’s leading residentialcommercial maintenance & technical services company. We now work for numerous public and private sector clients throughout the UAE. MAINTENANCE AL BARSHA.

We, at Handymen Dubai , are dedicated to delivering top quality renovation, repair home and restoration services in the whole Al barsha area. No need to take our word for granted! To give you a peace of mind, our service come with a guarantee – if you are not happy with the quality, or the job is not done to your standard, we will come back and re-do it… for free. But, we can assure you, that our services are of such a high quality, and our handymen are so highly qualified that we will not have to visit you again. Once a job is done, it’s made to last!

Al Shfia  is a professional maintenance company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, offering a complete range of maintenance solutions to meet our customer’s specific requirements.

Building Maintenance provides comprehensive services,we basically do everything related to maintenance include but not limited.


fast maintenance offers Interior Painting Services for your home, office or shops. We only use premium paints to make sure quality of the painting job. We specialize in both residential interior and exterior painting. We have a team of professional and well-experienced home painters that specializes in walls, ceilings and cabinets and more of apartments, villas and offices. We provide painting services for both residential and commercial properties in Dubai. Our professional painters only use quality paints like Jotun Paints to make sure quality and satisfaction is achieved. Home Painting like Wall Painting, Ceiling and many more are included in our paintings services.


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