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Home Cinema Room in dubai

Home Cinema Room

You’re eager and excited to start consuming top end entertainment: you’ve queued up the surprisingly under-sung 2013 sci-fi adventure movie, Europa Report, and the new X-Files will be next. You’ve also just purchased a new home theater with a large, high definition screen and surround sound. Before you install the system and dive into your stories, here are a few tips to maximize the picture quality.Home Cinema Room,

  • -Many TVHOME THEATER TV SETs are delivered in the Demo or Showroom mode. Switch to Normal or Standard mode, which is the best level for most viewing activities.
  • -Most LED & LCD screens have great contrast, and they are often preset to 100%. Nudge this down a bit to retain the sharpness while making viewing easier on the eyes. However, don’t drop the contrast below 90%.
  • -New screens offer great color pallets for viewers, and some brands offer settings to adjust these colors further. It’s tempting to play around, but these settings, when skewed, can make the picture over bright or muddy. Unless you’re an A/V ninja, leave this at the factory settings.
  • -Factory settings for sharpness are often set too high, resulting in obscured details. Use the Non-Overscan mode if available, or manually adjust to a sharpness range of no more than 10/15.Home Cinema Room
  • -Generally, avoid motion enhancement features, as they can add artifacts-such us ghosting-to the screen and distract from your viewing enjoyment.
  • -If you do a lot of gaming, and your television does not have a preset “gaming” mode, you may want to manually deactivate the image processing function as much as possible to reduce lag times and increase your scores.
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