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automatic Gates repair dubai

automatic Gates repair dubai

In addition to our superb range of garage doors, we are proud to be able to offer a selection of automatic gates and gate entry systems. As well as automatic side-hung swing gates we also have a range of automatic sliding gates and manually operated gates, so you can choose which system best suits your requirements. automatic gates repair Dubai.

Because they are remotely controlled they provide a great deterrent to would be intruders and a superb way to ensure that any children play safely where they should be. Our automatic gates are durable and available in a range of materials, wrought iron, various hardwoods  and aluminium. All automatic systems are fitted to current Health and Safety standards for your peace of mind and are fitted with secure manual override in the event of power trip out. automatic Gates repair dubai

automatic gates repair dubai

Steel Gates

Steel gates provide the highest level of security.

automatic  gates repair dubai


Wooden gates offer a sense of heritage and class to any home.



Virtually any garage door or gate, pre-existing or to-be-fitted, can be fully automated.

Manual Gates

Manual gates operate on a traditional lock-and-key system, meaning you can control who has access to your property. These tend to be the most common types of gate installed and are available in a superb range of styles and materials. automated Gates repair dubai

Automated (Sliding) gates

Sliding gates tend to be operated by either low-maintenance electro-mechanical systems. These are resistant to all types of weather and take the inconvenience out of having to get out of your car to gain access to your property. All sliding gate systems come with a manual override as standard, in the event of a complete power failure.

We can automatic an existing Manual Gate system

If you currently have a Manual Gate, we can fully automate it for you.

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